Summer Camp Themes

We are SO EXCITED to share our BEST summer YET with you as we have ALL NEW THEMES, Activities, On-Site Field Trips and SO MUCH MORE to make sure this summer is FANTASTIC for your daughter!!!

Here is an overview of each of our themes for Summer 2017.  As each each week has a similar format of classes (CLICK HERE for sample class outline), every week’s activities is different as we always offer new music, new curriculum, and new activities while we tailor the curriculum in the classes around the following themes.  Get ready for a FUN SUMMER!

Week 1:   Girl’s Rule!   Start the summer off feeling empowered as this week is all about GIRL POWER!  Gain confidence and have FUN with awesome girl crafts, strut your stuff at our Girl Power Fashion Show and of course have a blast with your new friends at our ACL Slumber Party!


Week 2:   All About Me 🙂   This week is all about YOU and the things you love!  Join us as we celebrate the talent in everyone with our ACL Talent Show, enjoy fun crafts, get a big or little sister and SO MUCH MORE! 


Week 3:   Pop Star   Get ready for a week filled with all things Top 40! Have fun and receive your “Grammy Award” at our Lip Sinc Contest, get dressed up for our Pop Star Fashion Show and rock out with fun crafts, games and MORE!


Week 4:   Wet – N – Wild   Here is a GREAT WAY to cool off this summer!! Join us for our ACL Beach Fun Day, Summer Fashion Show and of course our Beach Party! (Please note, all activities will be held at our location.)


Week 5:   Color Olympics  Join us for one of our most popular weeks as you join your teammates to play TONS of games all week long to earn points, prizes and so much more!  Color Olympics is an absolute must attend 🙂


Week 6:   Hello Kitty   This week is all about the animals that we love and of course everyone’s favorite cat! Join us as we celebrate your favorite family pet with special animal guests, activities, parties and SO MUCH MORE!!!


Week 7:   Howdy Cowgirl!   It’s time to get your inner cowgirl on and join us for a week filled with line dances, fun games and of course our ACL Rodeo!


Week 8:   Minnie and Me  Yes it is back, one of the most popular, favorite weeks ever – yep a week FILLED with all things from your favorite theme park!!! If you love going on vacation to visit your favorite mouse and friends, this week is for you!