References and Parent Comments


The following are quotes from newspaper articles written about our programs.  To see some of the complete articles, please see scroll down to the bottom of the page.  Thank You!

Now it’s leadership as well as leaps and chants.”
Sun-Sentinel July 21, 1996 

Their goal is for them to walk out of here with a lot more self confidence.”
Miami Herald June 25, 1998

They learn to say please and thank you, hold doors, and they learn to compliment each other.
Sun-Sentinel August 9, 2006 

America?s Leaders camp helps girls ages 5 – 12 have manners, and build confidence.
Sun-Sentinel August 9, 2006 

To be a good cheerleader you have to be a good young lady too.”
Sun-Sentinel July 21, 1996

The following references are from Parent letters:

“We recently attended the Star Shine Performance and it was wonderful.  You ladies do a fantastic job with the girls.  My daughter has grown so much socially just from the few months she has been with America’s Leaders.”
Parent – After School Programs – Fall 2008


“I would like to commend ACL and their Weston Campsite.  The camp has extraordinary program, director, and set of counselors.  My daughter and I are so pleased to have found the program that we can’t wait for next summer already!   The staff put together a wonderful fun filled summer and made each week memorable.  Ms. Sandra and her counselors show a lot of character and discipline and they clearly portrayed that to their girls.  I was very impressed with how organized the camp is and I could not be happier with how they have treated my daughters.  I would definitely recommend the camp to anyone and will most definitely be back.”
Parent – Summer 2006


“This summer my daughter attended the ACL camp.  I would first like to extend my thanks as she had a marvelous time.  The counselors were loving, caring, and ensured that a good time was had by all.  The staff are wonderful with children, excellent cheerleaders, and great role-models for these girls – Thank You!”
Parent – Summer 2002


“This note is to say Thank You for reinforcing good manners and etiquette in my daughter.  During the last week, she is remembering to say please, thank you, may I, you’re welcome, etc.  I have noticed that she is also eating slower and chewing her food more.

I am very pleased at the sweet and gentle changes I am noting in her behavior as a result of your summer camp.  Keep up the good work.”
Parent – Summer 2002


“I wanted to commend you on the awesome job you girls are doing this summer.  Besides the fact that my daughters LIVE for dance and cheerleading, their talents have jumped leaps and bounds as proven in their performances each and every week.

In addition, I have to tell you have very proud I am of their MANNERS!!  I’ve always bragged about how sweet and thoughtful my girls are, and how they’ve become even bigger sweethearts this summer!  They hold doors for me (and even people they don’t know!!)  at stores, restaurants, wherever!!  They help me bag groceries when there is nobody available and help carry them in the house when we get home.  They are constantly using the words:   please, thank you, and I’m sorry … even if it’s something that wasn’t their fault!!

Again, I applaud you all on the great job you are doing this summer!  My girls could not have picked a better summer program to attend.”
Parent – Summer 2002




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SS August 9 2006
Sun Sentinel August 9, 2006


The Herald June25 1998

The Herald June 25. 1998


SS July21 1996

Sun Sentinel July 21, 1996